10 Best Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business In 2020

August 22, 2020
Social Media Tools

The arrival of social media in the digital marketing arena has created myriad opportunities, especially for small businesses. But finding the right combination of creativity, content, and technique can sometimes be a daunting task. So, we decided to help you with ten of the most handy social media tools that will take your use of social media to another level.

  1. Buzzsumo
    Buzzsumo is perfect for coming up with good content ideas for your blog or website. Also, the tool helps you find influencers, analyze trends, and keep an eye on competitor activity.
  2. HootSuite
    When it comes to the best social media management tools, HootSuite comes up as an indispensable option. It enables you to schedule social media content that you need for growing your business in 2020. You can also use the platform to create engaging campaigns, manage teams and interact with customers and prospects in real-time.
  3. SocialBee
    One of the most significant goals for growing your business in 2020 is lead generation. And SocialBee is one social media tool that is designed to provide you with a smooth and comprehensive way to do so.
  4. MavSocial
    This is one of the best social media management tools to schedule, recycle, and manage all interactions in one social inbox. You can monitor the performance of your social posts with a real-time data dashboard. Besides, you can explore the numerous image tools to create engaging content for your followers regularly.
  5. Mailchimp Marketing Suite
    This social media tool offers unique features for building and managing posts while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of marketing automation.
  6. Unbox Social
    Like a Google social media analytics tool, Unbox Social lets you measure your performance by tracking several metrics. The latter includes stories, posts, audience, etc.
  7. Meet Edgar
    Meet Edgar takes a creative approach to share across social media platforms. Much like a smart social media marketing agency, this social media tool automatically fills up your chosen time slots with your selected category of content, available in your library.
  8. Tailwind
    Created explicitly for Pinterest and Instagram, this is one of the best social media management tools to schedule image-heavy posts, monitor conversations, and measure results in real-time.
  9. HubSpot
    Whether it is social media, email, SEO or CRM, HubSpot integrates all your marketing efforts into a single platform. So, you can conveniently compare results across marketing channels and weigh your social ROI.
  10. Wave Video
    Wave Video makes creating videos quick and easy. You can add videos from the library along with music, audio, graphics, and more. Finally, you can share the results by exporting them to a plethora of formats ideal for different social media channels.

Social media tools come in all shapes and sizes, and what suits you best depends on your marketing goals and needs. We hope this blog encourages you to choose the most relevant ones.

August 22, 2020
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